La Maison des Afrodescendants

  • Following the policies in some African countries: Ghana, or more recently Gabon, which has adopted the right to return for Afro-descendants, we want to bring the voice of Africans beyond words.
  • By offering a Home to Afro descendants on the continent. Let them have the possibility to return to the continent as children who return home and not as curious tourists in need of discoveries.
  • Take the possibility of these homecoming as far as possible out of the field of merchandising (Economy of Tourism) and bring it back into the non-market (Love, Fraternity, Generosity, Communion)
  • This project that we consider as a pilot and that we invite brothers and sisters to duplicate in cities and villages of the Continent will facilitate the reconnection of us with ourselves.
  • We invite all brothers and sisters to join my family (my wife, our 4 children and myself) to build together the RIAD of brotherhood to welcome all Afro descendants born outside Africa south of the Sahara. giving them the Right to feel âwith us (Sharing House, food & soul) in a spirit of communion.